Maggie Doodles we specialize in parti color golden doodles. Though we do have all colors Black & White, Brown & White, Gold & White: Partis & Abstracts, we still have solids in gold and black. We chose golden doodle because we like the coat type which is great as f1, f1b and f1bb and multigen. These dogs have wonderful dispositions and are perfect family members. They are intelligent, loving and very trainable as they are eager to please.
f1b choc & white parti golden doodle puppy
gold f1 golden doodle puppy

Maggies Doodles​​

Golden Doodles, not Pets...Family!
Welcome to Maggies Doodles <3

Thank you for your interest in our puppies and we hope you become a part of our doodle family. We breed F1, F1b, Multi-Gen Standard sized Golden Doodles. We often have Black & White Parti, Brown & White Parti, Gold, Cream, White, Black & Abstracts.  Email [email protected]  Please join us on Facebook

I am Kristi I am a stay at home Mom, I love being a Mom and Grandmother and consider it my greatest joy! I homeschool my youngest son Tristan, I love arts and crafts projects and making things. My husband Bud is a Special Education teacher at Eagle Middle School, he has taught at Eagle Middle 10 plus years. He loves to golf, he is a 7 handicap, averages 75 rounds a summer and wins a few golf tournaments. His favorite sports teams are the Indianapolis Colts (football), Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball), and LA Lakers (basketball), Go Team! My daughter Michelle (30 years old) is a student at CWI and has a daughter Lucretcia (7 years old) who just finished Kindergarten this year. Jessica (27 years old) just got her associates degree at CWI this year Cum Laude, she is now working towards either a vet tech or laboratory science degree, she is torn. Aaron (23 years old) father of Twin boys Hayden and Jayden, was out in the working world but has decided to get his degree he will attend CWI this fall. My son Elliot (29 years old) is home he has a bad heart, so he has to limit activity. My son Daniel (24 years old) Father of Noah and Isaiah is in Utah, a member of the National Guard and he works in Sales. The baby of our family is Tristan he is 12 years old, just finished 4th grade and is super amazing! My Dad who is in his 70's is a Veteran and is a retired Master Mechanic. We are a multigenerational household. That is our family a Grandpa, a Mom, a Dad and 6 Children, 2 Granddaughters, and 4 Grandsons! Not everybody lives here but they are always with us in our hearts. We are a Christian family, and our favorite radio station is AirOne. We live on just over 4 Acres in Parma, Idaho..... peaceful, quiet, beautiful-Paradise!  We have a variety of chickens we raise for eggs. We have jersey mix cow her name is Anna Belle (Belle for short), she is super adorable and too friendly :) We are raising her up to be our family milk cow. There are 4 jersey steer yearlings and 2 new baby jersey steer bottle babies. We have 3 big goats, Candy,  Winnie, and Oreo- they have between them 4 baby does. At our property we have a main house (my husband, myself and Tristan), a double wide trailor (my Dad and two of my sons who help with Maggies doodles), a seperate apartment for Jessica and her crew. We will be putting in our huge garden again next year and are planning our orchard.

About our Family:

Maggies Doodles is family. My girls: Letty (3 years old) is my baby (I am the Mom of our family) Letty is with me almost always, if it were her choice it would be 24/7, but sadly there are things I must do with out her. Lucy and Logan are in love and spend most of their day together. Zoey, Pixie and Molly are oh so sweet! They love being with me as much as possible. We just bought our current home and are replacing carpeting with wood floor and tile, so right now they dont have full time free access to the house but are still inside most of the day. My husband has Logan ( Letty X Zander) (1 year old) he is his baby, such a gentle happy loving giant.  Luna (3 years old) another sweet amazing girl she is our full poodle and loves being loved.  Jessica has five girls Mama Maggie (almost 5 years old) and her three daughters April (almost 3), Adeline (2 years old) and Amber (2 years old), Paisley (1 1/2 years old), Zander (2 years old) our parti black and white AKC Poodle stud. She sleeps in a king sized bed to fit her dogs. :) Our dogs are mostly indoor, they do go outside and enjoy the yard, but are inside at least 90 percent of the time. Raiden (1 1/2 year old) our f1 goldendoodle stud, he lives in Nampa with my daughter Michelle and granddaughter Lu and newest arrival baby Eevie.

About the Golden Doodle:
The golden doodle is a perfect family pet and is rapidly gaining ground as one of the most desirable dog breeds. We breed for parti chocolate and white and parti black and white doodles but we also have some abstracts, some phantoms and some solids. Whatever the color they are gentle, loving and very smart.
If you are looking for that non shedding, allergy friendly, intelligent dog, with a mild temperament great with all kinds and sizes of people, I'm sure we have a puppy for you. These dogs are so smart and loving! They turn heads where ever they go! Our puppies go home with first shots, wormed, and well puppy check by our vet Dr. Betsy Gordon DVM at Blayney Veterinary Clinic 3825 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605 Phone number (208) 459-6167. If you are local and looking for a Vet we highly reccomend Dr. Betsy Gordon DVM and Blayneys Veterinary Clinic has unbeatable prices. 

******We encourage you to be part of our Facebook. We love it when you post pictures and share stories about your baby no matter how young or old. We love them before they leave here and it is very heart warming to watch them grow.****** We have puppy pick at 6 weeks old for few important reasons 

Here are some comments from our Puppy owners on our Facebook

Crystal E Sampayo I have received so many compliments on Fitz Gerald and I let them know I got him from Idaho! Maggie Doodles is making an impression in California and I'm sure you will in Georgia too!

Crystal E Sampayo I am so in love with the puppy that I got from Maggie Doodles. He is the sweetest, cuddle bear, calm, and incredibly loving. I get so many compliments on how calm and relaxed he is especially when we go over to other people's houses. He was easy to potty train and has been a breeze when it comes to learning tricks. I love him and I am so happy I chose one of the puppies from Maggie's litters.

Janine Hutchins Since we have moved Chloe does not get to come to the puppy parties, but she is a really great family dog and we are so thankful that she is part of our family!

Jenna Snider She's the best dog ever!

Jacci Markham I have to just say that doodles are the smartest dogs EVER!!!! Bella is already potty trained! I think she even beat Koda and Koda was FAST!!! We have a doggie door and Bella comes in and out all on her own:) Proud to be a doodle hoarder;)

Shay Ewing We love our sweet Dexter! ! He is rambunctious, full of energy, snuggles & kisses! We love him so much!!!

Jessica Crill We love our pup we got from Maggie Doodle! He is so sweet, calm, well-mannered and such a loving personality. And one of my favorite parts is there is zero shedding!! We can't wait until we can get another pup from Maggie to add to our family.

Sarah Mckenna Shimel The entire experience of getting our sweet Gunnar was phenomenal! First our son picked out his new best friend and then was able to visit Gunny every week till he was ready to come home which really helped with bonding them. Once we brought Gunnar home it was pretty much the end for us.... All we want to do is be with him! He is the sweetest, smartest & cutest boy around!!!! We love the way all the puppies from all the litters are still considered one big family! The play dates are such a sweet idea too! We will never own another dog after getting Gunnar we are 100% Golden Doodle addicts now and Maggie Doodles is the place to go if you want a top notch breeder who loves what they do.... It shows in the puppies temperaments, you can tell they've been loved from day 1! Thank you Maggie Doodle for completing our family, we couldn't love Gunnar more!!!!!

Donna Schultz McKenna We got our BEAUTIFUL Piper when she was 8 months old as her original home could no longer keep her. She has adjusted so well to our home. She is calm, loving, playful, and adorable, loves our other two dogs and is a wonderful addition to our family. Everywhere we go people ask about her. Before getting Piper I got to see another litter of Maggie's grow up and saw how much love each of the pup's received. My grandson also got a puppy, he is also a doll! We love this breed so much.
Jaime Jiles Bergeson We are so happy with our puppy. I can't believe how smart she is! No shedding and hypoallergenic is a plus. We all just love to snuggle her. She is a very sweet dog. We get comments whenever we take her out. She looks like a big teddy bear and is great with kids!

Our "Super Puppy" Program:
· They are hand raised and birthed in our home.
· They are weighed and evaluated daily to ensure proper weight gain and development. They are up-to-date with all age appropriate vaccinations and medications.
· We have a one-of-kind "SUPER PUPPY" program that begins at birth.
· Our Golden doodle puppies are NEVER left alone. They are loved, cared for and interacted with.
· Once the puppies are weaned, we continue our unique "SUPER PUPPY" Socialization Program.
· Our goal is to introduce each puppy to 100 different sights and sounds. This will reduce the amount of fear that a puppy has due to lack of socialization. These puppies will be more socialized and will become happier, more confident puppies. This is critical for puppies that will go on to be Service or Therapy Dogs and family pets. Golden doodles are very sensitive puppies and they are people pleasers, they need lots of positive reinforcement.

The Golden doodle is intelligent, friendly, and family oriented. It is a highly social dog. Golden doodles tend to follow their nose wherever it leads, so a fenced-in yard is recommended. They are always ready for a game; most Golden doodles retain the natural retrieving instincts of the Golden Retriever. The Golden doodle's friendliness with strangers makes it a poor watchdog. Golden doodles do not bark frequently.

Golden doodles love to be with their family. They are eager to please and get along well with children, other animals, and strangers. They are social dogs and crave being around people.


The Golden doodle is intelligent and has a strong desire to please its master, making it highly trainable. Positive reinforcement is likely to be the most successful approach.

The Golden doodle requires a moderate amount of exercise. Most enjoy swimming as both the Poodle and Golden Retriever are not averse to water. Golden doodles can live happily on a farm or in a big city. They will thrive with daily walks or play time.

About Our Breeding Program
Extensive research has shown that it is best for a female dog to be bred during each heat cycle rather than skipping every other heat cycle. Dog reproductive processes are different from humans. An unspayed dog's uterus will go through the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy with each heat cycle whether she gets pregnant or not. Skipping a cycle sets up a significantly increased risk of infection and cancer. For the health of our Ladies we will generally breed them each heat cycle. We will always keep all health checks up to date and of course we will never breed a Mom who isn't in top physical condition. The health of our Ladies is top priority to help create healthy, happy pups.

We do offer full breeding rights on our puppies for $250 more per puppy otherwise you will sign a spay/neuter contract.

How do I get on your list?
We require a $400 deposit to get on the list which all goes towards the price of your puppy. The deposits are not refundable as that would defeat the purpose of a deposit but they can be transferred to future litters for any reason. If you fill out a questionaire and do not place a deposit you are NOT on the list. You must do both!

***we have decided to make some changes to our 2019 program all litters in 2019 will be as follows. We decided since our females like to cycle together instead of placing a deposit on a specific litter which is very difficult.. we would have a master list for groups that whelp at the same time Group #1 would be Zoey Pixie we would reserve 7 puppies for each female on the list so their master list would be (14) last litters between them they had (20) Group #2 would be Letty Luna Lucy and Molly master list would be for (28) but they had (35) Group #3 would be Jessicas partis Amber Adeline and April (21) we would update the list to include actual number of puppies born. The only significant difference would be that we would expect you to be gender specific so all people on the list once puppies are born would know which genders are still available all folks on the list would pick from all puppies born in their group***

Can you ship a puppy to me?
If you cannot pick your puppy up in person we can ship to the continental 48 states ask for details. Total cost to ship is $400 includes cost of flight, kennel to travel in, certificate from Vet for puppy to fly and all the in between costs. Shipping is always $400 and we can ship 2 in the same kennel for the price of one so if you know a friend wanting a puppy you could split the shipping and your puppy would have a travel companion. We ship through United Petsafe and our puppies arrive healthy and happy. One payment: we make all the arrangements includes travel kennel, health certificate and etc. Boise United Petsafe is open Monday- Friday only, your puppy will arrive one of these days. We are 50 miles from the airport one way. We have to have puppies checked in at the airport 2 hours before flight, most puppies leave at 7:30 am so we are leaving our home at 4 am on shipping day. We try to get all puppies flying that week, scheduled for the same day, pretty much we need flexibility on your part as far as shipping we try to meet the majority need.

How does your waiting list work?
When puppies are 6 weeks old you will be scheduled to come out to my home and make your pick. If you can not be here physically to make your pick we will post photos videos and do Facetime chat with you  to help you make your pick. You will basically have 6 weeks notice as our picking date will always be the weekend of their 6th week, on a SATURDAY and SUNDAY regardless of Holidays. We schedule starting from the top of the list at 10am and each person down the list gets one hour to pick and we end the day at 5pm and start the next at 10am. Two weeks prior to your picking weekend I will send out a schedule everyone will pick their puppy in order of deposit. If you are not physically able to attend we can do a Facetime chat so you can make your pick without losing your position. I always reserve the right to keep puppies for my program and will take my pick or picks before the list begins choosing. 

How long will I have to wait for a puppy?
We try to only take deposits that can be filled within 6 months. That being said, it is impossible to predict litter size or when a female will not get pregnant. I get a lot of pressure to take deposits because people want to be assured they will get a puppy. If you are on my list you WILL get a puppy. You will most likely have to be patient though as we are a small in home kennel and can only have so many pups per year.

To secure a spot on our committed list for an upcoming litter, (complete the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire this tell us what you are looking for...example what coloring and gender you want) and mail Maggies Doodles with your non-refundable deposit. We accept (PayPal, check, cash or postal money order).

Puppy photos will be posted to Facebook and/or emailed from birth until you receive your puppy, along with advice and updates! Your Golden doodle pup will be available for pick-up or delivery after 6 weeks of age pending a health clearance from our veterinarian. We offer puppy pick up as owners choice between 6 and 8 weeks of age. We know some new owners would like the extra few weeks to bond with their new babies and start training, while others would like them to stay the full 8 weeks. Either way is perfectly fine with us.

Please give serious thought to your decision to reserve a puppy from Maggies Doodles. Deposits confirm your intention to purchase and are NON REFUNDABLE. If a litter is born and your color or sex is not available, you will then be allowed to place your deposit on a different litter. If you change your mind about the litter you have chosen all deposits are transferrable from one litter to the next. If you do not specify a particular litter, you will remain on the wait list until there is a spot available for you. We prioritize our placement based on the date you reserve your puppy. Your puppy will be selected by you based on order of deposit.

We have a well puppy check done by our vet (usually done at 6 weeks). Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick up.

Our Health Program

We follow a strict health program for our dogs that includes frequent dewoming, vaccination schedules, and a prevention program for coccidiosis and giardhia.
Our puppies are first dewormed at  2 weeks of age, and are re-treated every two weeks. By the time they leave us, they will usually have been dewormed three to four times, and have been exposed to different types of dewormers Pyrantel Pamoate (Nemex) hookworms and roundworms,
Safe-Guard Tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis)​, Roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina)​, Hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala)​, Whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) along with a new one we have added called Baycox (for prevention of coccidiosis) to ensure broad-spectrum control of normal puppy parasites.​ Preventative care for coccidiosis, which is a very common intestinal infection in puppies in the United States. Coccidiosis causes diarrhea, and often occurs after a period of stress (weaning, leaving littermates for a new home, etc.). Another common protozoa affecting puppies is giardhia. We preventively treat puppies for this as well because of the commonality of these ailments we have expanded our worming program.
At 5 weeks of age, our puppies are given their first puppy vaccination. Vaccination schedule will be as follows. NeoPar 5 weeks, 7 weeks NeoVac DA2 6 weeks, 8 weeks. We give vaccinations here at home. We have tons of experience with vaccinating and will have all shot stickers in your immunization booklets.
WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VETERINARIAN, DON'T LET HIM/HER TOUCH THE FLOOR: When we go to the vet, I carry my dog and never let him/her touch the floor. Straight from my arms or the carrier right to the exam table, back to my arms, and out the door. "Out the door, never on the floor" is a good motto for places frequented by dogs, and especially dogs that might have been there due to being ill. :-)
Canine Vaccinations
Distemper - an airborne viral disease of the lungs, intestines and brain.
Hepatitis - a viral disease of the liver, also known as adenovirus.
Leptospirosis - a bacterial disease of the urinary system.
Parainfluenza - infectious bronchitis.
Parvovirus - a viral disease of the intestines.
Rabies - a viral disease fatal to humans and other animals.
Corona - a viral disease of the intestines. Many veterinarians no longer recommend Corona vaccination for puppies.
Bordetella - a bacterial infection (kennel cough)

Please contact us with any questions and let us know how your baby is doing. We would love updates and photos. Thank you and congratulations on your new family member!

Puppy Development
Birth to Two Weeks: Neonatal Period
Puppy is most influenced by his mother.
Senses of touch and taste are present at birth.
Two to Four Weeks: Transitional Period
Puppy is most influenced by his mother and littermates.
Eyes open, teeth begin to come in, and senses of hearing and smell develop.
Puppy begins to stand, walk a little, wag tail, and bark.
By the fourth or fifth week, eyesight is becoming well-developed.
Three to Twelve Weeks: Socialization Period
During this period, puppy needs opportunities to meet other dogs and people.
By three to five weeks, puppy becomes aware of his surroundings, companions (both canine and human), and relationships, including play.
By four to six weeks, puppy is most influenced by littermates and is learning about being a dog.
From four to seven weeks: Don’t discipline for play fighting, housebreaking mistakes or mouthing – that’s all normal behavior for a puppy at this stage.
From four to twelve weeks, puppy remains influenced by littermates and is also influenced by people. Puppy learns to play, develops social skills, learns the inhibited bite, explores social structure/ranking, and improves physical coordination.
By five to seven weeks, puppy develops curiosity and explores new experiences. Puppy needs positive "people" experiences during this time.
By seven to nine weeks, puppy is refining his physical skills and coordination, and can begin to be housetrained. Puppy has full use of senses.
By eight to ten weeks, puppy experiences real fear involving normal objects and experiences; puppy needs positive training during this time. “I’m Afraid of Everything” Stage--Not all dogs experience this, but most do, and they’ll appear terrified over things that they took in stride before. This is not a good time to engage in harsh discipline (not that you ever should anyway!), loud voices or traumatic events.
Your puppy’s bladder and bowels are starting to come under much better control, and he’s capable of sleeping through the night sometime between 8 and 12 weeks.
By nine to twelve weeks, puppy is refining reactions, developing social skills with littermates (appropriate interactions), and exploring the environment and objects. Puppy begins to focus on people; this is a good time to begin training. You can begin teaching simple commands like: come, sit, stay, down, etc. Leash training can begin.
Three to Six Months: Ranking Period
Puppy is most influenced by "playmates," which may now include those of other species.
Puppy begins to see and use ranking (dominance and submission) within the household (the puppy's "pack"), including humans.
Puppy begins teething (and associated chewing).
At four months of age, puppy experiences another fear stage.
Six to Eighteen Months: Adolescence
Puppy is most influenced by human and dog "pack" members.
At seven to nine months, puppy goes through a second chewing phase, part of exploring territory.
Puppy increases exploration of dominance, including challenging humans.
If not spayed or neutered, puppy experiences beginnings of sexual behavior.

Maggies Doodles Messages and Updates!
Would love to thank everyone who came to the party!! Also hoping to get a tradition of a Maggies Doodles Family group photo next time around!!
​A video of our Party is on our Facebook
We are pushing our breeding program toward more reds, partis, chocolates, and the rare colors such as phantom and sable or brindle also aiming for more medium sized doodles in some litters. We have purchased two new studs our Poe who we are hoping will reach 40 pounds darkest red you can find, and our Dominic a beautiful tricolor sable Parti.

**Someone suggested we do our party pot luck style: I think the variety would be better attuned to those on special diets. How do you all feel about that?! The lady who suggested it is an amazing cook/baker I drool over her facebook food posts daily and would love the opportunity to eat some of it!! :)

**We have had a lot of people make their puppy pick then go on for a few weeks then decide at that time they want to switch. I am all for matching you with the perfect puppy but here is how it effects us. When your puppy is chosen by you, we dont advertise it so for the 1 or 2 weeks you have wanted him/her; has not been advertised on any of the places we advertise. Secondly if it is a puppy we have to ship and the vet visit has occurred we have already paid for that puppies health certificate to fly, so if you choose another puppy that wasnt chosen to fly our vet charges $45 just for the puppy visit to get the health certificate for the new puppy plus health certificate cost, our driving to and from the vet (50+miles round trip) and our time at least 2 hours (driving and vet). Our time to rephotograph the puppy you had chosen for advertising and adding her to each and every ad. I know people get excited and want to pick their puppies right away but I think the personalities show up later at 6 weeks and so we are changing puppy picks to 6 weeks in all hope to match the perfect puppy to the perfect owner right off the start. I realize it is very exciting and very difficult to wait as before the 4 week mark we have people begging for their pick times I strongly feel this is for the best. I believe the extra two weeks will make the picking much easier on everyone! Six weeks old is our new puppy pick time.

​** Starting to plan our Maggies Doodles party for 2018 I am thinking September 8th for our party date it is a Saturday. I would very much like to do a "Maggies Doodles Family" photo. I was really happy with how many people showed up with their fur baby at our last party. We had a great time. This year I was thinking about making it a "pot luck". We put up some fences out here at our Parma home and would really love to get you all out here. This party is an appreciation party for the owners of our Maggie Doodles babies, I really hope you plan on attending!

​** Goals for Maggies Doodles 2018 we are hoping to get all our dogs tested for genetic diseases and certified hips, eyes and hearts. Also some color and coat testing. We also would like to get them all on the CKC registery and have the ability to offer CKC papers on our litters, hopefully one day the Golden Doodle will be a recognized breed. Once the health testing is completed we will be offering a genetic health warranty.

Any other ideas or suggestions we would LOVE to hear from our Maggies Doodles Family!!!

Maggie May is now retired. She will not be having any future litters and is now spayed. Maggie is amazing and loving and supremely wonderful. We love her very deeply and are so thankful for every piece of joy and happiness she brings into our lives every day. She will live out the rest of her days as Jessicas recliner sidekick :) 

Our Home

Gallery of Our Past Puppies

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